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Show off your makeup collections, new buys, and share your reviews.
Attention!! This community is not like all the other makeup communities, please keep reading...

Do you ever find yourself reading through a really cool makeup blog and you really want to do one yourself, but you know you wouldn't maintain it as well as others' do their's? Do you find yourself coming up with these great ideas and wanting to share them, but not in reply to someone else's blog and you're just not getting the attention you want in your own journal? Well, how about sharing it all here! Here you can do your makeup blogging, reviews, post photos, etc. and there's no pressure to keep up with it everyday and make it all glitzy/glammy. Just post when you want, how you want, and share with us!:)

*This community is for everyone, from women to men, all ages, skin types/colors, and proficiency levels. Whether you're looking to learn some new techniques or just want to share what you're already doing -Newbie to Pro, all are welcome!:D

A little about the Comm. Creator/Moderator:
I've been buying and collecting make-up for over 15yrs. now, but only recently have I decided to start blogging about it and wanting to share my finds and reviews with others. In looking around for a community to join which shared my interests, I was disappointed to mainly see alot of selling/trading communities, way too many advertisements, and just the same things posted over and over again in community after community. Not what I wanted.

So, I created "My_Makeup_Reviews". My goal for this community is to create an environment where people who love makeup can post photos of their makeup collections, new cosmetic items they've recently obtained, photos of 'looks' they've created with their makeup, reviews on cosmetics, tips and ideas and photos on organizing your makeup, etc. Pretty much, come here and "squee" with joy and excitement over your makeup!:D
I get excited when I get samples in the mail or have just bought some new product, and want to post about it, but I also want replies back. I want to offer this opportunity to others, as well.:)

How to use the TAGS for your posts:


*I have taken the time to organize all of the posts by subject, so please refer to the tags when looking for something in particular, and PLEASE tag your posts accordingly (multiple tags are allowed per post). Check here for the list of tags: the Tags

*All brands are welcome, this community is not exclusive to any brand, type, or genre of makeup. All inclusive!!:D
-The more the better!

*This is not the place to advertise your new clothing. Sale/swap posts are allowed, but one a week per person.

*No flaming! If you have something negative to say in regards to another's post, keep it to yourself. No one wants to hear it.

*If you have a concern about another member in the comm. or a question, please don't post it in the comm. Contact me personally via an LJ PM.

*Cursing/cussing is allowed, but please keep it to a minimum, and let's not get too graphic -this is just a makeup community, afterall. Alot of us are adults here, but not everyone necessarily is.

*Any kind of makeup/cosmetics is allowed here. Just share and have a good time!:)

*When posting an FotD (Face of the Day) post, please try to get a clear and color-true photo with at least one shot of your eyes closed, so we can be sure to get a good 'look' at your make-up.

*No more than 3 photos above the cut, the rest under and no more than 600 pixels at the largest.

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