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Year-long haul with reviews! - My Makeup Review [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Year-long haul with reviews! [May. 23rd, 2015|09:35 am]
My _Makeup_ Reviews :The Community Make-up Blog


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As my header states, this post is pretty much everything I've purchased this year so far, as far as cosmetics go...and as I just covered my brushes in my last post, I won't be including those here.

As a forewarning...these are all pics taken with my crappy cell phone camera. I was holding a small LED flashlight in my left hand, or sometimes with my mouth (LOL!), while taking the pics with my right.  So please do excuse the crappy lighting and photo-quality. 

I've left out a small item here and there, but otherwise...this is pretty much all of it:

First up, #86 by Inglot. LOVE this pigment and I have been jonesing for this one for several years now. I first saw someone using it over on either Specktra or the MAC_Cosmetics comm and fell in love with it. I finally got around to ordering it!!! I haven't used it a ton, so far, but I adore the color-shifting duo-chrome, nay..'multi-chrome' qualities of it.  Shifts from metallic copper to pink to yellow/gold and even green...with some hints of purple, too.   This is a gorgeous pigment and I love it applied wet, which I feel is best. A little certainly goes a long way with this one!!


After Christmas I decided to treat myself to a MELT stack...see what all the hype was about:

-This stack was little more than $50 with shipping and handling.
Quick Review:
To be fully honest, I don't feel it was worth the $50.  The shadows are good quality, but not unique colors at all. The purple, "Promiscuous", I have an older L'Oreal dupe for, the peachy-pink is a dime-a-dozen shade...I have a current Maybelline shadow that is an easy dupe for that. The brick red...my Ben Nye matte red is pretty close, and I'm pretty sure Coastal Scents has a $2 shadow dupe for it, too. The only one that seems unique, to me, is the blue-toned matte slate grey shade.  Honestly, so far, I use the mirror from this stack more than I do the shadows.
I was really expecting more blue-tones from the purple shadow...I'd seen others using it on Instagram and it looked amazing, but nothing new for me in person. :/

The Pro's of these MELT stacks are:

  • The shadows are larger than most other shadows.

  • It's a collapsible stack so it's great for ease of storage and travel.

  • Good pigmentation and overall texture and quality.

  • Comes with a mirror.

The Con's:

  • Unoriginal and easily duped shadow shades.

  • High price-point.

  • Not enough color-range, hard to do more than one or two looks with just one stack.

  • Bulky shape/size. While great for travel when trying to condense for space, at the same time, when just storing it in your makeup bag or drawer, it's bulky and takes up a bit more space than desired.

*Overall, I'm glad I bought it, but wouldn't re-purchase again. It's a cool gimmicky eyeshadow palette. If they were less expensive, I'd grab up the other stack, too, just for the matching set more than anything else. But otherwise...I was rather disappointed when it arrived.
-As I mentioned in my Con's, you really can't do a wide range of looks using just these four colors. Maybe if they had included two lighter shades and two darker...   I use this stack to accent looks I'm doing using other shadows and palettes more than anything else.

As I've moved from WY to KY, there's a big difference in climate and humidity... been using my much-loved Revlon Photofinish liq. fdtn...but it feels a bit heavy and cakey on my skin now. Been wanting to try something different. So after seeing a few reviews on YouTube, I thought I would try out L'Oreal's new Pro-matte Infallible liq fdtn.

-With the fdtn. I ended up also picking up a new mascara as mine is drying out, and my first ever brow gel/mascara.
Love the foundation!!   Now, I am paying more for a smaller tube of this foundation at roughly $12 vs the $9 I was paying for my larger jar of Revlon fdtn.  But I don't wear a full-face of makeup every day and this stuff spreads pretty nicely over my fdtn primer, so it's lasting pretty well. It's light-weight and is a great color-match for me. My boyfriend isn't telling me it looks caked on or weird, which is always a plus!!  So far so good. :D

*Even though it's a Pro-Matte product, it's still supposed to have a little bit of a dewy/glowy finish, is my understanding.  I like a matte face with a shimmery highlight. But once I've finished all of my face makeup, between the pearlescent highlight and the occasional shimmery blush, I really don't notice the additional dewy/glowy finish within the matte formula, either way.

L'Oreal Voluminous Power Volume 24H mascara: Loving this new mascara!  It has a fat wand and I really like how nicely it's accentuating and thickening my lashes.  As I don't do the false lashes, I really appreciate a mascara that can come close to mimicking the falsie-effect.     I got it in waterproof...regular would have been fine, too...   but it's long lasting, I'm not having any clumping issues and it doesn't irritate my eyes.    So all good on this one!! :)
(I tried out a Maybelline mascara before this one and had to return it as it burned my eyes. Maybelline mascaras tend to greatly irritate my eyes, unfortunately).

Maybelline Browdrama in blonde...  I'm really not impressed with this one...  the color is a good match, at least. This is one of those wands with the bulbous tip. I don't feel like I get much product on my brows at all and I don't feel like this keeps my brows in place all that well throughout the day.  As it is just a 'tinted' product, I'm not using it to fill in my brows, but more just to keep them in place with the tint as an added bonus. I'm pretty disappointed with this and will be returning it and selecting a different one.   I wouldn't repurchase this one again.

-ColourPop!! $5 each:   I ordered Bae and Lace...  Bae is a creamy dupe for MAC's Blue Brown pigment....which I've noticed is a duo-chrome shade a lot of companies are enjoying reproducing...even Wet'n'Wild has a nice dupe of the color in their mossy-green palette. This one has some fine glitter in it. It's a cool/neat shade.   Lace is a gorgeous dark blue-toned purple with some micro-glitter.    Amazingly, even despite my having oily lids, and with the help of a primer, these did not crease at all or fade much.             I've not reached for these all that often as I don't find them to be terribly easy to work with in blending on the fly, but still very pretty and for $5 each, totally worth trying them out. I may order more in the future if I end up using these two more.  These make good color bases, too.

-Lace and Bae ColourPop! swatches on my bare hand.   Showing some of the glitter here.
-Loving this nice little contouring duo palette in "Caramel Toffee".    I remember some years ago watching a video where someone explained that when choosing a contouring product it should have a grey-tone to it so as to mimic a shadow.  I feel like of the two shades that this Wet'n'Wild contouring palette comes in, the brown in this one comes closest to a grey/cool tone which works well for me.   The lighter shade isn't useful for highlighting at all, in my opinion. I use it pretty much as either a face or setting powder.  I like using pearly products for highlighting, anyway.  But still, a really good product for the roughly $4 at Walmart.

And then this Sonia Kashuk eye kohl liner I picked up at Target for just under $10.  It's like a really light yellow toned tan. I'm liking this for my waterline to make me look more awake or have wider eyes.  I feel like straight-up 'white' is a bit too harsh on the waterline with some looks where this vanilla colored eye kohl will have the same effect but just softer than 'white'.


-Stila's metallic shadow in Pixie-dust.  My guy bought this for me back last year around my birthday. This sucker cost $40!!    It's really pretty and very chunky-glittery. My shade is an iridescent pinky shade with gold and green in it. LOVE it!!  I have a hard time wearing it on my lids with that liquid stuff, I probably need more practice with it, but it clumps up and looks too thick and just doesn't blend in well as I'd prefer. And if you wear it dry, you potentially end up with glitter all over your face.   I like using this as a pop of glittery highlight near my tearduct.  If this wasn't so damned pricy, I'd happily buy more cause they are beautiful...but it's another one I don't reach for a ton because it's kind of hard to work with, for me.   I think it's worth buying at least one, though.

-Just one swatch 'dry' on the left...on the right is after I tried to wipe it away...glitter EVERYWHERE!!!!  But still pretty! :)

-I had to jump on the bandwagon with these Maybelline "The blushed NUDES" palette.  I've recently come into a desire for rosey shades, especially mauves, so this seemed like the perfect option. I haven't tried out this palette, yet, though...but checked out a lot of youtube reviews before I purchased it.   
*I also recently picked up one of the creamy metallic NYX shadows and one of the newest Milani purple shadows. And a new lipstick by Hard Candy.
The Milani purple shadow is dustier than I expected since I kept hearing people say it is a creamy formula...which it's not.  Despite the darkness of the photo (these are all cell-phone pics, by the way), it's a lighter medium-toned purple shade.   Still pretty and is best over a colored base.
*I usually like pearly, iridescent, or metallic lip products...but this time I just decided to try something different  "Idolized" #869 'plumping serum lipstick' by HardCandy...another mauvey-purple shade. It's pretty enough, but nothing really impressive, in my opinion, and I kind of regret having purchased it since I probably won't reach for it too terribly often. I may end up returning it just from personal preference.

First, I have to say, I LOVE Maybelline's ColorTattoo cream shadow / bases!! I have a TON of them!!         
-I recently grabbed up "Vintage Plum" from the Leather collection -really love this one. It sheers out so it's not so dark and it's also buildable.  I love this for use with dusty light matte violets and mauves.
And then, because I'm so into mauves right now, been trying to find a good and affordable dusty-pink matte base that I could try out. I read a lot of mixed reviews on this second one, "Nude Pink" -a limited edition cream shadow that came out around 2013/2014.       I saw some swatches where it looked like a dusty rose shade -which got me excited, but I read a lot of reviews which compared it with MAC's "Painterly" paint pot... in swatching on my own arm, Nude Pink is a pinkier shade than Painterly but still very close. I haven't tried it with pink or mauve shades, yet...so it might still be good for what I want. We'll see. I'm hoping so.      Out of desperation, I went to ebay and picked up "Nude Pink" for $15 and it arrived still in it's plastic wrapper. I hope I don't come to regret paying out nearly 2x's it's retail cost.    I'll let you all know later on, if anyone is interested.
-Here is MAC's "Painterly" paint pot on the left vs Maybelline's ColorTattoo "Nude Pink" on the right.

And lastly, CoastalScents!   I've heard of CoastalScents for years but finally got around to ordering their shadows. These are a steal at just under $2 each!! I've been in a matte phase and with summer here I've also been wanting a lot more colors and options. So I've gone a little nuts and each paycheck I ordered x-amount of Hot Pots and a 12pan palette to go with them. Really love these!





Anybody who has been watching my posts for a while knows that I LOVE purple shadows. So that first CS palette is, hands down, my favorite. Got some gorgeous purples and periwinkles and pink / mauve shades in this one.  I ended up buying myself a light pink shade to use as a transition shade with my purple shadows. Love the fuschias and deeper pinks. Most of these are matte and they are so beautifully pigmented.
-The 2nd palette with the greens... I got all of their brighter matte greens, some gorgeous blues, a yellow, 2 oranges and a bright red.
-Then I had to get some good neutral shades, especially for transition-color purposes.  The top row are all shimmery formulas from a golden-white into a silvery taupe and grey/black shades. Only the middle being browns.  With the very bottom row being dusty pinky mauve shades.
-And the last palette is mainly a catch-all palette.  My grey tones and some extra shades I don't have room for, are in this one.
*I still have at least another 60+ shadows/items on my wishlist at the CoastalScents website. LOVE their shadows. Great affordable prices and fabulous quality and color-payoff. LOVE these!!

All in all, my fave purchases this year, makeup wise, have been my coastal scents shadows and palettes. AWESOME!!!


[User Picture]From: phoenixfire12
2015-05-23 11:45 pm (UTC)
Ooooo. Sparklies. Just in time for Ren Fair in a couple of weeks.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: elven_sphinx
2015-05-25 06:58 am (UTC)
Oh yeah, various of these would be perfect for Faire sparkles.:D

Not sure when I'll next be attending a Faire... was hoping to attend the TN Ren Faire, but money has been tight, so that hasn't happened and I think there's one last weekend left... Not certain of that, this weekend might have been the last...

Either way, hope you post pics of your Faire-fun - I'd love to see them. :)

And thanks for commenting, it's awesome chatting with you again!! I need to get on more often. :)
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: phoenixfire12
2015-06-21 07:48 pm (UTC)
I miss chatting with you too. I need to get on LJ more often as well. It's just been one heck of a year so far and not all for the good. Most of it is in my Facebook Timeline.

Now Camp NaNoWriMo is starting July 1st and I'm hoping to get ready for that.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: elven_sphinx
2015-06-23 09:28 am (UTC)
Same here! It's actually been a pretty shitty year for me...looking at yet 'another' state-to-state move here in a few months. Hopefully for the better this time, but we'll see.

I miss being able to come in and chat with you and others about makeup and life-in-general. I realize that LJ has become, largely, a thing of the past...which is sad, but I still enjoy posting in here about my makeup and stuff.

I haven't been on Facebook a whole lot..just see a lot of the same posts shared around and not much personal stuff posted. Just got kinda bored with it. My new social distraction is Instagram where I try to advertise my artwork and possibly network with other artists from time to time. Varying results on that one...

What's Camp NaNoWriMo about?
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: phoenixfire12
2015-09-04 01:01 am (UTC)
Camp NaNo is a looser version of NaNo proper. You set your own word count goal (Minimum 10,000 words for the month) and that is what you work for. May people use both camps in April and July to finish stuff, or write short stories or poetry. Anything that isn't a novel. Although... you CAN do a novel of 50,000 words or more if you want to.

Basically, it's tent forts, s'mores, hot cocoa and lively banter with some brainstorming if you are in a cabin with 11 other people who have similar interests. We got to know each other and sometimes you can even bounce ideas off the others for feedback.

Edited at 2015-09-04 01:02 am (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: elven_sphinx
2015-09-08 01:55 am (UTC)
Cool, that sounds really cool! Do you find it terribly productive? Lol, I think I'd be too wrapped up in socializing to sit and write anything.

I feel like I do my best writing when I'm on my own, though. :)

Sounds like an awesome camp experience! :D
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: phoenixfire12
2015-09-10 01:37 pm (UTC)
There IS socializing but not everyone does, and it can be hours or days between someone's post. I think people stopped posting anything about 5 days before the end of camp and only 2 came back afterwards to post once. I did get a lot of writing and research done during camp.
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