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Fantasy Butterfly/Fairy Makeup [Jun. 28th, 2015|09:53 am]
My _Makeup_ Reviews :The Community Make-up Blog


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This is my last post in here for a little while, at least for now....

I recently was playing around with my makeup while trying to think up something interesting to do for a Faery-makeup look in the future and came up with this.

The first time I did this nearly two weeks ago now, I only did half of my face...and it was really pretty and turned out great. So I tried this again this past week but then did the full-face...didn't turn out quite as I'd originally wanted it to, but it kinda went it's own way and turned out great, regardless.   Each time I absolutely hated to remove these.

As usual, still having to use my crappy cell phone cam to take these pics...  I will be redoing this look once I'm able to use my actual camera again.  But in the mean-time, did the best I could with focus and lighting.


Gonna start with the makeup I did on my first attempt at this butterfly/fairy 'look'...roughly 2 weeks ago:
-Using a purple-themed floral head-garland I personally made.  For more pics of the garland, check out my Instagram acct: @TheMidsummers_Night_Masquerade


In doing this a second time, just this past Thurs morning, there were a few things I wanted to do differently and also figured out some steps here and there which were unnecessary - trying to cut down the application-time.


-I really love how the shadow over my lids turned out...that was truly a "happy-accident" as I didn't have any particular plan for the eyes, just yet. But the overlapping shadows from the base-colors for the butterfly design just turned out beautifully.  I'm wanting to turn this into an every-day wearable look on the eyes, soon.

And then I got a few pics outside under some natural sun-light:



I started this look off by applying my regular moisturizer and L'Oreal Infallible Matte fdtn, some blush, and contoured using a variety of green and brown-ish eyeshadows from the green Wet'n'Wild palette.
-Then I went around the eyes, including up over my eyebrows, and down over the top of my cheek bones, with NYX's white cream base...blending it out, and then powdered over top with NYX's matte white shadow to set it.  And then I went over with Maybelline's "Gold Rush" Color Tattoo cream shadow -which adds a lot of pretty gold glittery shimmer....
I used TKBTrading's old "Grape Pop" mica shadow for the purples, some matte fuschia shadow by Coastal Scents, and a matte bright red by Ben Nye as the base colors under the wings.
I added some light shimmery golden-green shades to the inner corners of my eyes and down the sides of my nose...including an iridescent teal shade by TKBTrading.

*In the first attempt I used a black eyeliner pencil to first sketch out the wing shape and details and then traced over that using the matte black water-activated face paint from Mehron's Basic Paradise palette...using the matte white from the same palette for the highlights.
In the 2nd application I just free-handed the designs using a thin paint brush and the Mehron face paint.

Using small shadow brushes, mainly pencil brushes, I went back in to color in the designs with shadows...the "Grape Pop" from TKBTrading and a glittery gold loose shadow by Fantasy Makers.  I also used a teal/brown shade from the green Wet'n'Wild palette on the outer edges of the wings, at the base of the purple. And I used a teal shade on the edges of the outer wing layers on either sides of my face.    I also used Inglot's #86 glittery shadow to go over the reddish areas peeking through, and used TKBTrading's "Cherika Moon" glitter over the purple shadows (a close dupe for MAC's Reflects Transparent Teal glitter, by the way). A little bit of MAC's Fix+ was used here and there to keep glitters in place.  And I used an iridescent yellow/gold glitter by MAC over the gold parts of the wing details, too.

In the first application, I applied some shimmery teal shadow over chapstick on my lips with some purple in the outer corners for an interesting gradient effect, with glitter and a light iridescent teal shadow in the center. And then some lip gloss over-top.

In the 2nd application, I applied some of the "Grape Pop" shadow over some mauve-colored lipstick on my lips with a deeper shade of purple on the outer edges for a gradient effect...and then popped on some more of the "Cherika Moon" glitter and glittery lipgloss, over the lips.

Added some black UD pencil eyeliner to my top and bottom waterline and some black mascara and that was that.

Next time I do this, I may add some feathery false lashes to this look.

By the way, I'm entering this look on Instagram for LitCosmetics' #GlitterFriday contest this next friday...you have to go to their website at www.LitCosmetics.com and click on the GlitterFriday tab and then vote there for it count.    To anyone reading this, if you'd care to vote for me, I'd greatly appreciate it. :)

My IG name is @TheMidsummers_Night_Masquerade

Well, let me know what you think!!

Thanks! :)


[User Picture]From: phoenixfire12
2015-09-08 03:20 am (UTC)
WOW! I love the work and all those sparkly colors! It's beautiful.
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[User Picture]From: elven_sphinx
2016-03-28 10:28 pm (UTC)
Hey Phoenix, thank you So much!!! I love this makeup look. 😀
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