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Eyeshadow Bases and storage [Jun. 28th, 2015|08:38 am]
My _Makeup_ Reviews :The Community Make-up Blog


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I LOVE using colored bases under my eyeshadows.  Eyeshadows look pretty on their own over a primer but I feel like they look EVEN BETTER over a colored base...be it a same color base or a different colored base, it's fun to see how the difference in colors and textures/formulas mix and interact with eachother.


So jumping right in....    This is my little organizer for all of my bases and cream shadows. Since I have pretty oily hooded lids, I can't use cream shadows on their own as they crease really badly on me. But I love using cream shadows as bases over a good primer for my powder shadows. Great staying power and really intensifies my shadow's pigmentation.

-The first drawer houses my small collection of MAC's cream shadows, and my NYX jumbo pencils and white base. Also, various large shadow pencils from Maybelline and Jordana.


-L'Oreal Infallible shadows on the left...these are ones I can actually wear on their own over a primer without creasing problems, but still enjoy using them primarily as bases.

I've got two Colour Pop shadows in there...Bae and Lace.
3 small paint tubes of MAC's cream shadows.
And 3 of the Flower brand cream shadows by Drew Barrymore.


-This is my most-used drawer and my favorite bases.  Maybelline's Color Tattoo cream shadows.     I adore these products and reach for at least one of them every time I do my eye-makeup.
-I have slept in these and woken up with my eyeshadows still looking great the next morning, like I'd just applied them.    I don't tend to wear these alone as some of them are pretty sheer or even patchy. But to boost color in the shadows overtop, they are amazing. :)

What do you like to use your cream shadows for? Do you use color bases?

And, just to toss this in....  I recently went through my Coastal Scents eyeshadow palettes and organized them...much happier with them now:

-For some weird reason, this pic saved upside down when I uploaded it to LJ....

-And this one saved sideways...
This is my most-used palette as I adore purples...Unfortunately, these aren't entirely true-to-color but I did the best I could with it.  The top two are a dusty light pink, then a bright pink, and then a fuschia shade...the next one down being a deep fuschia shade, then then starting with light purples/lilacs and going into darker purples...and on the bottom the last three being light to dark periwinkle shades.


-starting with some light cream/pink to mauve shades, then browns, and lastly greys and deep berry tones.

-also saved sideways for some odd reason...
Here I finally decided to consolidate all of my shimmery finishes into one palette as all the rest are matte finishes...save perhaps one or two in the neutral palette above.