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High-end to low-end comparison swatches [Jun. 7th, 2015|08:15 pm]
My _Makeup_ Reviews :The Community Make-up Blog


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As I've mentioned in one of my more recent posts, back in Dec. I had decided to purchase the "Love Sick" eyeshadow stack by MELT Cosmetics, and as my review on it mentioned, I noticed that 2 of the 4 shades were dupeable with drugstore shadows.     So since I mentioned that in my review, I thought I'd actually take some pics to show what I was talking about. And then I remembered that I've also got 2 shades which are dupes for MAC's "Blue-Brown" pigment and have been meaning to do swatches of those, too.

Now, as a precursory warning, right now I'm not able to use my nice Nikon camera for all of these swatches... as I've stated before, my own computer hasn't been working for a while and I'm on my boyfriend's old laptop, so am not able to upload from my camera to his computer...    with that said, I am, instead, having to use my android phone's crappy camera and natural light from outside to take all of these photos. They 'are' blurry, but still pretty true-to-life regarding the color.  Best I can do right now. :/

Cause these are shorter, I'm first gonna start with the MAC "Blue-Brown" pigment dupes...

As you can see, here we've got the remains of the MAC "Blue-Brown" pressed pigment (it shattered, couldn't be saved) in the pan next to Makeup Geek's "Insomnia" loose pigment and they are on top of Wet'n'Wild's "Comfort Zone" palette #738 -the bottom right pan is the dupe shade.


Here are the swatches on my bare arm with no primer and totally dry. Swatched with my fingers.  I took these photos on my phone while standing in front of my glass front-door for some natural lighting.

This shot is 'straight-on'...they all look exactly the same here.
*From left to right: MAC "Blue-Brown" pigment, Makeup Geek's "Insomnia" pigment in the middle, and Wet'n'Wild's "Comfort Zone" shadow on the far right.

This next one is at an angle to show the duo-chrome iridescent flash:

And closer-up:

-From what I could see in person, the MAC "Blue-Brown" p/m on the far left flashes more blue than the Makeup Geek "Insomnia" in the center, but just barely so.   And the Wet'n'Wild shade on the end there, isn't shimmery/metallic like the other two pigments...but it's pressed, and so, more matte.  But otherwise, a very close dupe.   I didn't think to do it at the time, but I should have done a wet-swatch of the Wet'n'Wild dupe.  I've worn all 3 at different times and they are nearly identical.  

And...man, I don't know where my head is at today... but  another one I meant to swatch with these is Too Faced's "Label Whore" shadow....  which is very very similar to the Blue-Brown, but it's more green than brown and this one has glitter in it.        The sun is already fading outside right now, but if I think about it tomorrow, I'll swatch that one and add it to these.

So, there you go on the Blue-Brown dupes. :)

And next up, the MELT Cosmetics "Love Sick" eyeshadow stack dupes:


From my own personal collection, here we've got MELT's "Promiscuous" vs. "Amethyst" in Maybelline's 'Expert Wear' series.

In the pans, MELT's "Promiscuous" looks more blue-toned than Maybelline's "Amethyst", which appears more reddish..but still with a blue-pearl effect.

Swatched in natural lighting, both dry, with no base or primer:
*MELT "Promiscuous" is on the left and Maybelline's "Amethyst" is on the right:



This one is a little darker as I was trying to use a different filter on my phone...

MELT on the left and Maybelline's Amethyst is on the right:

There is some difference between the two shades, but it's very slight, believe it or not. And both have a blue pearl tone to them.

Sometime I should do a 'look' where I use Promiscuous on one eye and Amethyst on the other...and then compare the differences, if any.  I think when used on the eyes, you probably can't see any difference at all.

But, the MELT stack goes for $50 vs the Maybelline single at roughly $3 to $4. 

And, lastly, the golden-apricot comparison...
-This last swatching compares a drug-store shadow, an ULTA shadow, and a MAC pigment alongside MELT's "Amelie" shadow:

*the second shadow from the top on the right is the Maybelline shadow...depotted into a large palette.


*From left to right, MELT "Amelie", ULTA "Sunburst", and Maybelline "Pink Wink" eyeshadows:

Same as above, but with the addition of MAC's "Melon" loose pigment on the far right:

ULTA's "Sunburst" vs MELT's "Amelie":

-While ULTA's "Sunburst" is a little lighter and less orangey in shade, I feel like these 2 are still pretty close.

*The "Pink Wink" Maybelline shadow pulls more pink than the melon-y tone of the MELT "Amelie" shadow, and the ULTA "Sunburst" seems lighter and perhaps less pigmented than both, and MAC's "Melon" is far more metallic and shimmery and golden in comparison to all of them.  But still, pretty close and same color-idea.

I didn't picture the MAC "Melon" pigment because it was an after-thought and the swatch was added at the last minute. And you can just google a pic of MAC's Melon p/m in a jar, which is what I have, anyway.

But there you go.  Let me know what you think of these!!  And if you have any similar colored shadows, feel free to swatch them and upload them to this post. :)